CSM Safety Profile

Providing 30 + Years Of On-Site Qualifications and Experience. 

At CSM Safety Services we truly do understand all the issues surrounding the establishment of a safe working environment in every facet of industry, commerce and retail.

In Australia the federal and state authorities have implemented a legislative framework for the development and implementation of workplace health and safety requirements supported by practical guidance publications, seminars and media releases. This overload of information however has left industry owners, managers and employees somewhat unsure of their obligations. At CSM Safety Services we are able to assist you in understanding and applying all the requirements.

The professionals at CSM Safety Services are extensively trained, are fully conversant with all statutory requirements and able to listen to your needs and desires, then provide you with a practical yet compliant solution for your operations.


“A Safe Workplace using Safe People, Safe Equipment and Safe Substances is a Well Managed Operation that will achieve its Bottom Line”


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