Confined Space Entry Systems and Support

Confined spaces are still present in our workplaces and are still of major concern due to the injuries and deaths that occur across Australia .  On a daily basis, many workers are entering confined spaces without due care and attention; sometimes nothing happens but some times the consequence of untrained, inexperienced or negligent workers entering a confined space is fatal.


CSM Safety Services can provide your business with:

  • Confined space management systems including space identification,
  • Register development
  • Hazard identificataion and risk assessment,
  • Safe work method development and implemtation processes,
  • Confined space entry equipment,
  • Confined space training (Nationally Recognised)
  • Specialist entry support staff including the rescue function. 


These services are designed to enable your workforce to correctly identify confined space hazards and to implement appropriate controls ensuring that harm does not occur through their use.


If you need assistance with the management of confined spaces at your workplace, contact CSM Safety Services today!


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