Dangerous Goods Management Systems

Dangerous goods are those materials that pose a physical threat to persons, property and the environment through their physical and chemical properties.  The various authorities of Australia have a strict set of rules and directions that facility owners/operators must comply with; these requirements are at times somewhat confusing to the end user.




CSM Safety Services offer specialist industry support within the area of Dangerous Goods management and can provide you with the following services:

  • Material and hazard identification
  • Risk management and assessment processes
  • Safety case/report preparation
  • Manifest preparation
  • Placarding guidance
  • Emergency response planning,
  • Storage and handling solutions,
  • Community consultation facilitation
  • Compliance audits and reviews
  • Workforce induction and education services.


CSM Safety Services is able to provide you with practical, yet compliant management solutions that will enable you to meet your legal obligations. 


If you need assistance in the management of Dangerous Goods at your workplace contact CSM Safety Services today!


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