Hazard Identification and Risk Management

Hazard identification and risk assessment is the corner stone of all safety management systems, indeed it is the back bone of all business operations. With positive hazard identification and risk management practices being conducted within your business ensures that all appropriate controls are in place to manage the associated risk whilst maintaining your productivity. 


As the business owner/operator or the line-supervisor, you have a formal obligation under many legislative documents to positively identify all hazards within your operations and to have appropriate controls in place to manage the associated risks.


CSM Safety Services has widely experienced and extensively qualified risk managers on staff who are able to review your operations and assit you in hazard identification, risk assessment and formulation of safe work procedures.  This work is best conducted in consultation with the workforce, including the managers and workers alike, to ensure  practical solutions are provided for your operations and ensuring the maintenance of your productivity.


If you need assistance with your business' hazard identification and risk management processes; contact CSM Safety Services today!


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