Safety Coaching and Mentoring

Compliance with WH&S law relies on the the application of safety knowledge by all levels of personnel in the workplace at all times.  With all the demands on the workers and supervisors in todays industrial workplaces, safety management at times suffers, mainly due to the ever changing regulatory framework.  It is an obligation of business owners/operators, managers, supervisors, workers and other persons at a place of work to maintain a safe place of work and not to place themselves or other workers at risk through their activity; hence it is mandatory that personnel maintain a level of understanding of safety legislation and its application in the workplace.


At CSM Safety Services we are able to provide you with coaching  in this area providing your management and staff with the skills and knowledge required to ensure your obligations are met and that safe behavior becomes the normal way of business at the workplace.


If you need assistance with improving your safety performance and knowledge, contact CSM Safety Services today!


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